Mission and Vision

Mission and Vision

by Anthony Kagaayi

Our Vision.

To remain the leading distributor for fast moving consumer goods in Uganda.

Our Mission.

To achieve world class competitiveness by distributing and selling high quality goods at equitable price.

Our Corporate Objective.

Overall goal is to remain a commercially viable entity efficiently distributing superior products throughout the country and other assigned territories.

Our Values


People are at the heart of African Queen. Through our HR function, we ensure good recruitment procedure, retention, and motivation.
We encourage involvement of all staff in company activities, facilitate personal development and we celebrate all individual milestones; We are a family.


Within the bounds of commercial confidentiality, We encourage open channels of communication with all our stakeholders.

The feedback informs our management decisions for business sustainability.


We are committed to the highest standard of ethical behavior. Honesty and Integrity are the main pillars that hold us in how we manage our selves and all other business relationships.


We are not restricted by the existing way of doing things. We continuously seek improvements; it’s a dynamic market.

Team Work

We recognize that all staff have a valued contribution to make as individuals but in addition, we believe that this contribution can be most effective with in a team working environment.