by Anthony Kagaayi
BIC Markers.

BIC markers are known and appreciated around the world for quality, affordability and ease of use. When you choose a BIC product, we understand that your image is in our hands.

By honoring our traditions of quality and consistency, while inventing the future with new products, we have created a formula for success… that our customers can count on time and time again.

Marker features:-

  • Large Ink Capacity
  • Quick drying, low odor
  • Does not dry out, even uncapped (for up to 3 weeks)
  • Cap and plug match ink color

Bic Permanent Markers Black 1dz
Bic Permanent Markers Blue 1dz
Bic Permanent Markers Green 1dz
Bic Permanent Markers Red 1dz
Bic White Board Markers Black 1dz
Bic White Board Markers Blue 1dz
Bic White Board Markers Green 1dz
Bic White Board Markers Red 1dz