Black Silk

Black Silk

by Anthony Kagaayi

Black Silk is a luxurious hair care range of products from Haco Tiger Brands (E.A) Ltd that contains a unique blend of essential oils that protect and condition the hair, assuring less breakage for soft, long and strong hair. The prowess of Black Silk is based on a thorough research of Afro-ethnic hair, courtesy of the meticulous research laboratories of Haco Tiger Brands (E.A) Ltd.


The Black Silk range of products is:

  • Scalp solution products; Black Silk hair food.
  • Intensely nourishing and moisturizing products; Black Silk Moisturizing Lotion, Black Silk conditioning Oil sheen spray, Black silk moisturizing lotion,Black silk leave-in.
  • Moisturizing Silkening Hair Relaxer; Black Silk Relaxer is available in regular and super.



Black Silk Neutralising Shampoo 16oz 1dz
Black Silk Cond Cleansing Shampoo 16oz 1dz
Black Silk Leave In Treatment 8oz 1dz
Black Silk Hair Food 212g 7.5oz 1dz
Black Silk Moisture Boost Treatment 16oz 1dz
Black Silk Hair Moisturizer Lotion 237ml 8oz 1dz
Black Silk Relaxer Super 2kg 4pcs
Black Silk Relaxer Regular 2kg 4pcs
Black Silk Oil Moisturizing Lotion 16oz 1dz
Black Silk Leave In Treatment 16oz 1dz
Black Silk Neutralising Shampoo 32oz 6pcs
Black Silk Moist Boost Treatment 1kg 6pcs
Black Silk Hair Repair Treatment 1kg 6pcs